Under what you can see of your roof is a system that has been installed to protect your entire home. This includes decking.

For most this is actually part of the original framing of your home, but with roof wear and tear, leaks and moisture, the decking may require replacement. Ridgeline Roofing Company will make sure that every sheet of your decking is ready for the new roof and will replace any sections that are not.

Leak barriers are installed on the decking to make sure that tiny gaps between the plywood are sealed.

If it has been a while since you have had a roof replaced, you may not have moisture barriers installed on your roof. Today, every roof has this added to protect the decking and your home from leaks and moisture damage. The entire decking is covered with these barriers.

The edges of the roof are covered with special roofing tiles called “Starter Strips” that will give the roof an even appearance.

At the bridge of the roof / the very top of the slope, attic ventilation strips are added, and the cap shingles will go over those. This allows the attic ventilation to breathe but will keep water out.

Finally, each of the things that pierce your roof will need leak guards. Many people do not realize that beyond your chimney and any utility line poles your roof has holes for ventilation for toilets and sinks and even your exhaust system for your kitchen ranges.

Each of the holes in your roof for these “pipes” and lines will require special rings to prevent water from seeping under the roof.