Most roof inspections require climbing onto the roof or flying a slow drone across the roof to look for trouble spots and damage.  But there are some warning signs that can often be seen from the ground that alert you to the need to call us for an professional FREE No Obligation inspection:

  • shingles have curled edges
  • shingles are cracked
  • neighbors are getting new roofs
  • algae/moss are growing on the roof
  • missing granules
  • granules are clogging your gutters
  • missing shingles – they just disappeared at some point
  • chimney flashing is coming up
  • you are hearing drips
  • light is coming through in the attic
  • dark stains and streaks appear on the shingles

Sometimes these signs don’t actually mean you should replace your entire roof. There is a chance all you need is a simple fix that a professional can do for you, and we are here to do it!