Once a signature of a cheap building, metal has come a long way!  There is great news about metal roofs! From materials to textures to color selections a metal roof is now a “wow” roof with an outstanding curb appeal.

Other reasons to consider a metal roof is the life expectancy of the materials. While a traditional asphalt roof may last 15-20 years with careful maintenance, a metal roof will last closer to 40-70 years. For homeowners planning to stay put and for businesses wanting to keep a roof for a generation, metal roofs offer a life expectance that is just unparalleled. AND if you are planning to put your home or office on the market, the fact that it has a metal roof is a very attractive “plus” for potential buyers.

Worries about the roof being noisy with weather pings of rain have been handled with what goes under the roof. In addition to the fact that the roof can be installed over existing roofing materials, there is a wood underlay for metal roofs that is installed specifically to insulate from noise.

Copper and steel metal roofs can be a cost savings for insurance coverage. Since the roofs are more durable and are also flame retardant, insurance companies often provide a credit or cost savings for the structures that sport a metal roof.

Metal roofs are usually made from recycled materials which is, of course, better for the environment, but the longevity of the product also means that asphalt tiles are not filling up the landfill.

The maintenance needs for metal roofs are minor compared to asphalt tiles. At about the same time you would be doing a complete roof replacement for an asphalt roof, you will likely want to do a “recoat” for a metal one. Every metal roof has a coating that protects the color from fading and adds protection for the metal. This is a factory process of creating the metal roof. At about a 10-15 year mark, a booster layer of coating should be applied.