Custom Building

New Home Construction

Ridgeline Roofing Company not only sells and installs residential and commercial roofing for new or existing structures, we hold a General Contractor’s License in the State of Georgia that has given us the opportunity to work with homeowners to build their dream homes from the ground up or to build or remodel expansions and new additions.

Our family-owned and family-operated company has made homeowner satisfaction our number one priority. We carry all state and local licenses and insurances and are experienced at completing projects throughout the state of Georgia.

Members of the Better Business Bureau. We’re committed to excellence of craftsmanship and peace of mind to all our clients. 

One of the advantages of building a new home is the fact that you are starting with a blank slate with endless opportunities. Each conversation that we have allows me to get to know you and allows us to customize your new home to your individual style. It also allows us to tailor the new home to your family’s individual needs. If you don’t have plans picked out, don’t worry we can help with that as well!



Each home is unique and has its own set of challenges. The main goal in any of our remodeling projects is to leave no footprint. Although we will be using modern materials, we want the remodeled rooms to blend seamlessly into the existing parts of the home.

We enjoy the remodeling process because with most of the homes we remodel, the owners have been living in the home for 10, 20 and sometimes 30 plus years. The key to any large scale remodeling project is to be patient and not cover anything up that needs to be repaired or, more often than not, replaced.

We can usually work around your family just keep in mind that you will have to make some sacrifices to your living conditions.

“”Building a home is one of the biggest investments a family will make. There is an element of excitement and some amount of worry that things go well, get finished on time and in the budget that you were prepared for.Our experience in the construction business has given us a unique perspective on the construction process. Our hands-on experience in construction makes us the right team for homeowners to rest assured that you home will stand the test of time. Having hands on experience in just about every phase of home construction has allowed me to develop the skills needed to build a home that will stand the test of time.”

Brian Stamps

Owner, Ridgeline

Structural Insulated Panels Offered by Ridgeline

So, what is a SIP? and why would I want it in my new home?

SIP stands for structural insulated panel.

While they aren’t something new they may be new to you. SIPs have been around for many years and have been used in thousands of homes and commercial structures.

While there are several variations to choose from, a SIP is basically a sheet of OSB or plywood, a thickness if rigid foam insulation and a second sheet of OSB to create a “sandwich.”

So the real question is, “Why would I want to use SIPs in my home?” Well there are several reasons to consider, so many in fact that we feel they are a great construction method for use with our timber frame packages.

These are structurally sound enough to build a home by using the panels to form the walls and roof of the structure, but there are a number of other reasons.


What does SIP have to do with Ridgeline?

Your log, timber or hybrid home can employ SIP construction, and we will supply the panels, custom manufactured right, in your package, delivered with your other building materials. Your home or commercial building design can incorporate components of wood, stone, metal, stucco, siding and more. The opportunities for innovative and beautiful – not to mention extremely energy-efficient –  design are endless. Ask us about these options!

Benefits of Using SIP

  1. Energy efficiency – imagine having the cost to heat and cool your home being HALF that of a conventionally framed home for the rest of your life. Would you enjoy that? It’s not only possible with a SIP home. It’s documented! SIP panel homes offer a few big advantages. LESS seams means less air infiltration. Higher R values mean less heating/cooling capacity needed to keep your home comfortable year round.
  2. Faster to build – our SIPS are delivered to your home site already cut and numbered. It is like a giant jigsaw puzzle. In a typical home the panels can be assembled in just a couple of days, with NO WASTE! Saving time saves you money!
  3. Structurally capable – SIP panels are two to three times more structurally capable than stick framing. Study after study shows how a SIP panel home will keep you safe as well as warm.

Bottom line it’s cleaner, greener, safer and will make your cost of ownership of the timber home you’ve dreamed of the envy of everyone you know!

Independent Dealer for Honest Abe Log Homes

Ridgeline Log Cabins, owned by Brian and Kelly Stamps, is an Independent Dealership of Honest Abe Log Homes. 

As an Independent Dealer, Kelly and Brian will navigate each homeowner though the process of designing a log or timber home and serving as liaison with Honest Abe throughout the manufacturing process. 

Honest Abe Log Homes began in 1979 and is still owned and operated by the family of its founder. Honest Abe’s kiln-dried, Eastern white pine and Douglas fir log and timber packages are manufactured in Moss, Tennessee, upon order.

Log and Timber Home Construction

Ridgeline Log Cabins is the ideal choice for those who want an energy-efficient, custom log home, timber frame home or hybrid home. As a licensed and insured, the Stamps can handle any project from inception to move in.

They’ll oversee delivery of the log or timber frame package, and they’ll construct the home from setting the logs and timbers to finishing the interior and exterior. In other words, Ridgeline Log Cabins’ customers don’t have to worry about coordinating what for many is the project of a lifetime.

Commercial Structures

In addition to homes Ridgeline Log Cabins handles commercial log and timber frame construction, offering complete project management including custom design and manufacturing though Honest Abe and construction by Ridgeline’s construction division.

Call 706-310-4201 to get started.

aerial photo of entire home taken from directly above the roof. This shows the extension roof in a cross pitch roof system, the middle living section of the two story part of hte home with a pitch roof, the connecting enclosed breezeway and the workspace and attached area of the garage.

Land Sales

Kelly Stamps is a licensed realtor in Georgia with Virtual Properties Realty.

That means that those who want assistance in purchasing the land for their new home or business will have a full-service partner with Ridgeline Log Cabins or Ridgeline’s costruction division.

Kelly can find the land you want, and she and Brian will work with you through the custom log or timber design and manufacturing process. 

Call Kelly at 770-495-5050 x253 or 770-815-2523

“I look forward to assisting you in finding the perfect piece of property for your home, vacation cabin or commercial building. As with any building project, there are several important considerations when deciding on a location. Let me do the work of locating your building site based on what you want and need.”

Kelly Stamps

Realtor, Virtual Properties Realty