Aerial photo of home that just had a full replacement roof installed.

Hail Damage Roof Replacement

Watkinsville was hard hit by storms and hail damage this past spring and summer. The result were residential and commercial properties with extensive damage, requiring full replacement. Ridgeline Roofing Company has extensive experience working with insurance to cover this type of damage. Here is a full replacement in Watkinsville.

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new roof almost finished in the Watkinsville hail damaged home
final touches on the new roof at the Watkinsville home
new roof installed on garage area with underlay being completed on the home
underlay complete with new roofing materials being installed on Watkinsville home
Hail damaged roof replacement in Watkinsville with the new underlay down.
new roof installed. photo from the rear of the home
Old damaged tiles are removed and the decking and gutters are being prepped for the new roof
flashing installed in the gutter area of the ridge of the house