aerial view of newly installed metal roof on a residence

Residential Metal Roof

Full residential metal roof replacement in Elberton . This roof was damaged by a tree that had fallen during a recent storm. The homeowner decided he was ready for a change from shingles to metal. He selected a 29 gauge tuff rib panel roofing system in the granite grey color Give us a call @ 706-896-ROOF for a free roof inspection or estimate.

aerial photo of metal roof from rear of the home.
closer aerial view of the gray metal roof installation
aerial photo of metal roof showing upper dormer, chimney flashing and roof pitch
aerial view of the Ridgeline Roofing team installing the underlay roofing system for the metal roof.
aerial of newly installed metal roof on a residential building
aerial overview at the metal roof from a distance
aerial view of underlay of the metal roof installation