The hardest decision that our clients have in selecting a roof is picking the right color and style. For the most part the type of shingle will be defined by the slope of the roof, whether it is a residential or commercial building, how it will blend with the neighborhood and the climate. But color is strictly personal.

When you are buying the right outfit for an important event, you know that you will browse the racks, pick out a few choices and then try each one on before you pick just the right one. Roofs are absolutely no different. Despite the fact that you can only usually see a small portion of a roof from the ground or street levels, the color and the texture of the shingles make a dramatic impact on the overall appearance of the building.

Homes may undergo any number of updates, but the roof will outlast a new coat of paint or a change in siding and window treatments. To help narrow decisions, here are some questions you can ask:

  • Is the color of the exterior going to change soon? Are you about to paint the home something new?
  • Are there colors that are just off-limits to you? Are there any colors that your neighborhood association prohibits?
  • Are there colors that you have seen on other roofs that you would like to think about for your home or business?
  • Does your neighborhood have a “theme” of colors that you want to compliment?

Once you have an idea of the colors and styles you prefer, we will bring large samples of the actual roofing materials so that you can see for yourself that it is what you want before we start the roofing process.